Black Conveyancers Association Training Academy

The BCA Training Academy (BTA) presents a course aimed specifically at Conveyancing Secretaries and paralegals. Over a period of six months students are introduced to the conveyancing landscape.

The lecturers are members of the BCA, all of whom are conveyancers and who run their own practices and have a wealth of knowledge and practical work experience.

Aims and Objectives

With its vision of transforming the conveyancing industry to reflect the demographics of South Africa, the BCA association had to accept that the key to unlocking this vision remains education.

The objective for the BCA is to deliver on its socio-political mandate within a context of improving the excellence and sustainability of the member firms thereby achieving intellectual growth and endless potential.

It remains the aim of the BCA to ensure that its members have access to educational platforms that are supported by all the leading role players in the industry thereby ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships and ultimately providing a world class service to our clients, the banks.

Continuous training and skills enhancement remains key to any conveyancing practise and further serves to enhance the overall experience to achieving our targets and goals.

The aim of the conveyancing paralegal course is twofold. Firstly, it is driven by a passion to empower individuals to enter the property practitioners employment market and secondly, is committed to maintaining high standards of service delivery within the conveyancing industry, for the benefit of consumers and the industry at large.

Course description and scope of the training programme

Over a six month period students are introduced to the conveyancing landscape. Students are provided with a good working knowledge and understanding of what conveyancing is all about; who the role-players are and how their interaction proceeds; what the conveyancing and registration process aims to achieve; and an overview of what the transfer, bond and cancellation process entails.

Course overview and learning outcomes include the following:

  • To describe what conveyancing is about.
  • To distinguish between immovable property, ownership and real rights.
  • The different faces of property ownership: freehold, leasehold and sectional titles.
  • The South African deeds registration system.
  • To identify the role-players in the transfer process, the receiving and processing of a transfer instruction.
  • Agreements: Terminology, legal principles and practice.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the common clauses in a property sale agreement.
  • To interpret and deeds office print-outs and deeds searches.

For more information, contact Ms Shireen Ahmed-Kagee.